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Show April 29-May 30

Next Meeting January, 22 2015

Presenter will be Natalie Brown, Metal Sculptor

0O8A3213 (1920x1348)  Fish 1Mystical creature 1

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest in an area east of Seattle, I learned to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings. I was especially affected by nature and the cycle of life…with elements both seen and unseen. With the artistic influence of my father (a photographer) and the mathematical influence of my mother (a computer programmer) my studies in the Industrial Design Program at Western Washington University seemed a perfect foundation for a career as an Industrial Designer. My whole life I have analyzed designs for their benefits and faults…searching for new and clever solutions.  I’ve wanted to understand, to know how things work, to find the truths of life.

Many of my pieces are created using the process of repousse’….a time-consuming metalworking technique involving the texturing and shaping of the artwork by hammering on the reverse side of the piece to create a design in low relief.  I use oxy-propane to heat the metal for shaping and bonding parts together.  My work requires physical strength and dexterity as metal is hand formed and bent using a hammer and shears, very similar to blacksmithing techniques.  Some of my artwork incorporates resources that have been repurposed and up-cycled, like cans.  Other pieces are created totally anew.  Brass is added for accent on selected pieces.  Finishing spray made up of a blend of acrylic resins is applied to selected pieces to hold the colors…and to prevent rusting.  The copper on other pieces is left untreated so the green patina will age and improve over time.