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Feather Duster .jpgGrape Beauty.jpgLandscape.jpgLavaTowers .jpgMirror Mirror .jpgMirror Nebula .jpgNano Particle.jpgPastel Flower.jpgCathedral Island .jpgEarth Under Glass .jpgEmpress Medallion .jpgForever Ring .jpgGecko.jpgSpring Blossoms.jpgSprit Dancer.jpgThe Gallery.jpgThe Orchid .jpgTheatre Drapes .jpgWatermellon .jpgWhite Serenity .jpg

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Artist Statement
I have always been fascinated with science and technology. Dreaming about where the world will be years from now. How will technology change our lives and will it be good or bad?

One year, I received a calendar for Christmas that had a year in Fractals. I was hooked after February and sought out the method to create these images. Once I saw the complicated program I figured I was too old to be revisiting my math education, but I pushed on. Thirteen years later I am travelling the universe, visiting the ocean depths, exploring places totally unknown to me. I never know where I will go when I sit down to create a new image. But I love the adventures and hope you will also.

Artist Biography
image001Pam began her digital art career 13 years ago with 3D rendering of fantasy characters. Fractal generation was a respite from the labor intensive digital art creation. Something about the fractals soon took over and fractals became her main focus.

Her fractals and photography have won many awards and have been seen in many art shows in Washington State and in California. She specializes in close-up and perspective images.

She lives in Sequim with her husband, 2 labs, and 5 cats. While waiting for the fractals to render, she enjoys gardening and walking on the beach.

What is a Fractal ?
Fractal art is a graphical representation of a mathematical formula.

The images are similar to nature’s original art. We see these common shapes every day as clouds, snowflakes, feathers, trees, and ferns. In all of these there is a repeated pattern that is necessary to be called a fractal.

When creating a fractal image you manipulate triangles and alter the math to change the look of the fractals. A computer program called a fractal generator is used. I start with previous fractals and rework them to see what magic they still hold. There are limitless combinations of form, color, and detail. This contemporary digital art form is unique and produces amazing and unusual images. Thankfully the computer can do the billions of calculations needed to create the images. This rendering process can take anywhere from a few minutes to 3 days.

Pam has a studio in Port Angeles at the Landing Mall, 115 East Railroad Ave, Suite 103. Hours are Thursday through Sunday 10AM to 4PM. Email: .