Roberta Cooper




Visit the Gorgeous Gourds studio throughout the year—Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 am to Noon. Usually open, please call ahead. Other times by appointment.

Phone: 360-582-9549



Artist’s Statement

I like to sit in my studio and look at my raw gourds, handle them, turn them around until I get an inspiration on how that gourd wants to be embellished. I may just have an idea of how to start the piece, so I start. As I work on the gourd, inspiration leads me on what to do next. Or I may have to set the gourd-in-progress back on the shelf and study it some more. Then one day, I will suddenly know how to proceed with the design. I create a simplicity in design often using gently curving lines inspired by nature—such as a creek meandering through a meadow or the undulating lines in the outflow of the pools at Yellowstone National Park.

DSCN0625I primarily use earthy tones to stain my gourds. However from time to time I like to splash some color on the gourds—apple red. I developed color I call “eggplant”–it is a deep cordovan with a reddish, purplish hue. Pine needles beautifully compliment the deep eggplant color. I am always looking for natural embellishments wherever I go. I collected pine needles at a rest stop on I-90 in Montana. My sister collected green pine needles by Lake Wenatchee, Washington. At the Studio Tour 2010 some visitors from North Carolina sent me some “pine straw” from their back yard—the luscious (beautiful reddish hue), long (15 inch) needles.”

My time in my studio is so precious—I get so focused that hours seem like minutes. Creating art really does save lives.



1974 Pottery classes, Museum of Fine Arts School, Houston, Texas

1974-1976 Jewelry & Copper Enameling classes, P. M. Limited School of Jewelry, Houston

2004 Gourd classes, Indiana State Gourd Convention


2009 Sequim Arts Member Show

2010 Northwind Arts Center, Small Works Show

2011 Northwind Arts Center, “Into The Woods”


2009 2ndPlace People’s Choice, Sequim Arts Member Show

2010 Merit Award, People’s Choice, Northwind Arts Center, Small Works Show

2011 Merit Award, Northwind Arts Center, “Into The Woods”