Maryann Proctor

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Backlit%20Princess%20.jpgDamp%20Sequim%20Morning.jpgGrandpa's%20Fire%20Helmet.jpgLauren%20with%20thumb.jpgLittle%20Diva%20.jpgMelissa%20&%20Grace.jpgYummy%20Thumb%20.jpgBrookie%20Ballet%20Dry%20Brush%20.jpgBroody face.jpegHen Head Portrait.jpegI've got my Eye on You_.jpegRed Frizzle.jpegRoger Rooster Portrait.jpegSmirking Miss Feathers.jpegThe Little General.jpegThe Sultan Rooster copy.jpegYou want me to do What.jpeg

Artist Statement
I started painting in the late 1960s after the birth of my first child. I drew all the time as a child but didn’t know I was interested in art, so I never took any art classes in school. So, I am mostly self taught. I have shown paintings in California and in Washington. I have paintings in Arkansas, Nevada as well as California that were done for people. I find art in my life, it is in everything I do. It is my way of life and what makes life meaningful.

I also love taking pictures. Grandkids are perfect models. I also like to take photos that are just pretty scenes perhaps to use as painting inspirations. I have a published photograph titled “Two of A Kind” that is in a coffee table book titled “Shades of Tomorrow.” I have also exhibited several photos in art shows in Washington. I hope my love for the subject shines through the pictures I take.

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